How much we cost

We charge $140/hour, billed to the nearest 15 minutes (minimum charge for remote work is $70, or one half-hour, we bill a minimum one hour for work on location). No travel charges on the North Shore, small charges to more distant places*. We invoice weekly, and also accept credit cards via Square.

If you need us in the middle of the night, on a holiday, or on the weekend in an emergency, we’re available but we charge time and a half, with a 2-hour minimum.

We also sell blocks of pre-paid hours at discounted rates. Please discuss it with us if you're interested.

Payment is due on receipt of invoice. We also can accept credit cards via Square (we will surcharge slightly for card-not-present transactions, but not in-person). After 30 days we reserve the right to impose late fees.

* We bill $75 as a trip charge to Boston and the surrounding area (basically adjoining communities and points west/south of the Mass Pike as well as southern NH). That same rate applies for travel to more distant locations, but we may need to book a minimum time for work on location.

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